Construction Timeline

How long does it take to build a custom home? What are the steps from start to finish? How can I ensure that I stay on time and on budget? While every home is a unique project, and each situation is a bit different, we’ve provided basic key points of what to expect during the construction process of your custom home with Turnberry Construction Group.

Size and features are two of the biggest factors that influence the timeline in completing your home. Building a 2,500 sq. ft. home will likely have a less extensive timeline than a 5,000 sq. ft. home with an outdoor kitchen, pool and spa, and extensive landscaping, which are various features to take into consideration.

To obtain a rough estimate of the timeframe, homeowners should discuss the specifics of their project with a contactor and/or design professional. At Turnberry, we have a design professional on staff, easing the communication process between the designer and builder.

The homeowner also has a significant impact on the length of the process. How much time can you dedicate to your project, specifically in making various selections for your home? When building a custom home, chances are you want your new home to fit your specific lifestyle, and it often takes time to identify what your current and future wants and needs are. Do you know the floor plan and features you want, or do you need additional time at the outset of the project to explore various design ideas? All of the above will accelerate or decelerate the overall building time of your home.

Need help finding the perfect lot to build your dream home? Turnberry Construction Group can help! We have access to various lots in and around Berks County and work closely with local realtors to find the right lot for your new home. Please call our office (610) 775-7575 for assistance in finding your lot.

Most of our clients purchase lots first and then contact us to design and build their custom home. Even if you already have your lot, we will assess your lot with you and help you obtain necessary lot information for engineering and permits.

At Turnberry Construction Group, President Kevin Kozo will visit your lot with you to assess the lot, starting with locating all property corners and the subdivision plan.

In addition, we will discuss the following:
     • Setback information
     • Location of septic/well or public water sewer
     • Erosion and sediment control plans
     • Storm water management
     • Your desired floor plan and home set

We will obtain the following:
     • Electric service provider (apply for service)
     • Public water and service providers, if septic
     • Phone and cable service providers
     • Consideration of heat source (oil, propane, natural gas, geo-thermal)
     • Call township for “Building Permit Pack” (this will include all required permits)

It may come as a surprise that designing your home could take 2-6 months, especially if this is your first time building a custom home.

Here’s what our basic design process includes:
     • Gather information
     • Draw/revise the floorplan and exterior elevation
     • Draw/revise interior elevations, including architectural details & cabinetry
     • Prepare site plan including well & septic
     • Final review & approve construction drawings

After each stage of the design process, homeowners review the construction drawings. President Kevin Kozo of Turnberry Construction Group will also review each set of drawings and address any concerns he may have with the plans.

The design phase is a critical time to ask us questions and make changes to your home’s design if there is something you are unsure about or unsatisfied with. The timeline during the planning of your home’s design will largely depend on the amount of changes you make to your plans and the amount of time you need to assess the drawings.

IMPORTANT: Do not rush through the design portion of your home. If there’s something you aren’t sure about, ASK! A quality contractor will review each set of drawings with you and explain anything that may initially appear confusing.

The engineering of your home includes a structural foundation plan and a structural framing plan, which will be completed by the professionals at Turnberry Construction Group.

If you have not decided on selections during the design stage, you will need to finalize these before the final contract with Turnberry Construction Group. At this time, you will need to have made all of your selections or allotted allowances for the items used to build your house.

Selections include items such as: flooring, appliances, plumbing/lighting fixtures, roofing, cabinets, countertops, etc. Any selections you have not made will be assigned an allowance based on the overall budget you provide us with.

Turnberry President Kevin Kozo will make sure you are aware of these price changes when/if you decide to change a selection, which could increase or decrease the overall price of building your home.

Specifications describe in detail what’s included in the contract price. While specifications can be lengthy, the information is very important.

All parties should understand the specifications before signing the construction contract. If you have any questions regarding your specifications, ask your builder to explain confusing areas before signing the final contact.

Before groundbreaking, your home will need permits and/or HOA approvals, depending on the municipality you will be building in.


This is the point where you figure out exactly how much your home will cost, which ultimately depends on the materials and selections you chose for your home. After reviewing the estimate on your own, President Kevin Kozo will meet with you to make any adjustments on specifications or selections to come to a final agreement on the options you would like to include in your home. At the final review of the estimate, our goal is that you feel confident in what is included in the final price of your home.

After the review of the final price, we will provide you with a written contract. The documents enclosed will reference the final plans, specifications, and any allowances for selections as well as any additional documents required by PA state laws.

We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the contract documents and explain the terms of the contract. In addition, you may always decide to consult an attorney for a professional opinion if you choose to do so.

IMPORTANT: We want you to feel confident about what’s included in your final contract. If you are confused or have any questions, ASK!

The bank will have a specific process to follow if you are obtaining bank funding as part of building your new home or renovating your existing home. This process is best discussed with the bank or a professional mortgage broker. We work with many different lenders and are happy to recommend a few to meet with and discuss your funding.

Most financing options include an appraisal of the plans and specifications and the funding of the loan. The financial institution establishes the value of the home based on the plans, specifications and lot information. This appraisal is what determines the amount of money the bank/mortgage company will lend you for the project.

As soon as you close on a loan, we will be able to begin construction. If you are able to pay cash for your new home, this step is unnecessary.

While the timeline to build a custom home varies considerably, the process is relatively the same. Factors that influence build time include home size, architectural design, location, etc.

At Turnberry Construction Group, we begin with an anticipated construction schedule and move-in date. For flexibility, it is wise to add about a month onto your schedule, as construction schedules are very difficult to 100% guarantee. Weather, for example, is one factor that can either help or hinder the construction timeline.

Making changes to your home’s plan or selections throughout the process will likely add additional time to the construction schedule. Giving yourself an extra month or so will ease the pressure when you decide to make a last-minute adjustment in your home.

8) CHECKLIST for New Homes & Remodels
◻ Schedule onsite or in office consultation. Date & time: ______________________
◻ Compile all information for your project including: sketches, idea photos, etc.
◻ Meet on site to review project details with President Kevin Kozo
◻ Receive professional services agreement
◻ Execute PSA and return to Turnberry with requested retainer
◻ Complete both “Financial Information” and “Lot & Home Information” sections and bring to final review meeting (below).
◻ Schedule final review meeting with Turnberry to review sketch plans, construction drawings, lot address and township information, and make final revisions.

◻ Financial Institution: __________________________________
◻ Loan Representative
          ○ Name: ______________________________________
          ○ Phone: _____________________________________
          ○ Email: ______________________________________

◻ Deed, Lot/deed restrictions
◻ Property Address: _____________________________________
◻ Township: ____________________________________________
◻ Plot plan
◻ E&S plans
◻ Storm water management
◻ Blueprints/renderings

Turnberry Construction Group is a custom residential and commercial builder founded in 2005 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Since then, we have remained true to our mission of delivering exceptional construction and superior customer service by creating a strong bond between the client and our build team while maintaining long-term financial strength through intelligent business decisions. It is our mission to attract only the brightest and most highly skilled craftsmen to fit within the Turnberry team. By treating our tradesmen with respect, and creating an environment of open communication, we are able to foster new ideas throughout every project and the company.

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