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Realtor Recommended

When our family decided to build, our realtor recommended Turnberry Construction Group. Kevin Kozo with Turnberry met with us at our newly purchased land and gave us a free consultation as to the possibilities. His professionalism and knowledge during that first meeting ended our search for someone to build our home. During the following months, Kevin and all of the contractors working with Turnberry were extremely helpful and offered us high quality, affordable choices and craftsmanship that exceeded our expectations. We were encouraged to be as much a part of the building process as we were comfortable with, which was important as we watched our dream home materialize. The end result speaks for itself and our immense satisfaction with Turnberry Construction Group.


Berks County Custom Home - New Construction

Master Bathroom Redo

Kevin Kozo and Turnberry Construction Group remodeled my master bathroom. I love the bathroom, and was very satisfied not only with the result but also the process. From the initial consultation to the plans and choosing the products, everything was explained. Kevin was always available for questions or concerns that arose and personally oversaw the project. He was onsite to check the job daily and kept me up-to-date with the progress. Everything was taken care of from discarding all old materials to keeping my interior as clean as possible. Everyone associated with the project was professional, friendly and easy to work with which made the overall experience all the better. Kevin Kozo is a true professional who will work with the client for a job correctly and beautifully done.

Thanks for the landscape recommendation. Went thru a Parade of Homes house a few years back. It's fun to see how the other half lives...

Berks County (Reading, PA) Home Renovation - Bathroom Remodel

Recent Remodel

We recently had Kevin Kozo of Turnberry Construction Group remodel a bathroom. We found Kevin to be extremely professional and always very prompt for appointments. Although this was a very small job for a custom builder, we feel that Kevin treated our project wih the same professionalism and enthusiasm he would have shown building a custom home. Kevin is very personable and informative and answered all our questions. Our project was completed in the time he specified and we were definitely pleased with the results.

We highly recommend Kevin Kozo for any project you may have regardless of the size. We will certainly use Turnberry Construction Group for any future project.


Sylvia and Jim Wertz
Berks County (Reading,PA) Home Remodeling - Bathroom Makeover

An Eye for Detail

We had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Kozo during the Berks County Parade of Homes. We were looking for a builder that has an eye for detail, has pride in his work, is honest, trustworthy and builds a home that is unique. At the home we visited he took the time to speak with us and answer any questions. There was also a seminar about geo-thermal heating and cooling which we were very interested in learning more about. From the time we walked into the home, we felt that Turnberry Construction Group had all the traits we were looking for in a builder.

From the beginning of our process until completion, Kevin was very knowledgeable, helpful and insightful to all details in the construction of our home. Teaming his knowledge with the knowledge of the excellent architect he works with, they created a design for our home that was exactly what we were looking to achieve. If we were indecisive about a fixture, look or finish, he always came through with helpful recommendations and advice. During construction, there were a few areas of our home that we weren't sure about the design/layout we had chosen. He always took the time to explain our options and was always honest and direct about the extra costs it would take to create the look that we wanted to achieve. He wanted to create a home that we would enjoy and be happy in as much as we did. Kevin is very organized in his paperwork, as we always received updated invoices and statements on a regular basis. His communication with you during the entire construction process is excellent, as we could always reach him by e-mail or phone at anytime. Kevin was even willing to help out, deal with and resolve issues that arose during the construction of our home that were not under his responsibility.

It was recently time for our one year warranty inspection. We were happy say that we did not have any major issues or concerns with our home. Just a few minor, easily fixed items which Kevin took care of himself. He even came out on a separate occasion to help us with a mower/pipe incident that he could have easily told us to contact a repairman instead of doing it himself.

We actually feel we have made a new friend and have asked him to stop and see us whenever he is in the area. If you are looking for a builder who is as proud and concerned about every detail of your home as much as you are, we are happy to recommend Turnberry Construction Group. Kevin is a builder who is extremely capable and is as excited as you are to achieve your dream home.

Dean & Lori Newswanger
Berks County Custom Home - New Construction

Looking for a Builder

We were looking for a builder to build our custom home and after doing a web search we picked two custom home builders to email our questions to. One builder responded with about a paragraph and Kevin Kozo from Turnberry Construction Group responded with about 2 pages of answers. He invited us to attend his seminar at his 2007 Berks County Parade House "9 Steps to Breaking Ground".

After meeting Kevin and talking with him, we made arrangements to meet him at a property we were considering purchasing to get his opinion on the property's suitability. We decided to purchase the lot and asked Kevin to build our home. We met with a designer who asked what features we wanted in our home. He drew up a plan that included what we wanted and asked us for our input. We made several adjustments to the original plan and finally came up with the "perfect plan". The building began in early 2008 after the lot had been cleared. Once things started to take shape, we were set to task to pick out flooring, tile, carpeting, granite, lighting and cabinetry. We were in contact with Kevin frequently as he guided us through the process, prompting us when necessary and reassuring us as well.

Kevin competently guided the entire process. If we had "issues" to discuss, he was always available to meet with us or talk to us to see what our concern happened to be. If something needed to be changed or adjusted, he made sure that it happened. Kevin was very easy to work with.

We have been in our home for about a year and one of the most important aspects of the process is follow up. Kevin has been here for us when we do encounter a problem or have a question.

Kevin has a passion for what he does and what he does is build an outstanding home of exceptional quality. If you are looking for an honest builder with the highest degree of integrity we recommend Kevin Kozo of Turnberry Construction Group.

Tami & Brian Byerly
Berks County Custom Home - New Construction

First Rate & On Time

Kevin Kozo of Turnberry Homes not only builds a first rate quality custom home, he does it in the time frame he quotes to you. The workmanship is of the highest caliber. We have found him to be extremely honest, and always well organized. He is very knowledgeable on all aspects of building a home. We are happy to recommend Kevin Kozo and Turnberry Homes without hesitation.

Karla and Russ Harlan
Chester County Custom Home

Every Detail Superior

Jim and I purchased a home from Turnberry Construction Group in November 2006. Working with Turnberry and Kevin has been a truly enjoyable experience. The construction, floor plan and quality of workmanship in our home is superior. Buying a Turnberry Home from the Parade of Homes made life a lot easier for us. There were no decisions to make on countertops, floors or cabinets. It was all done for us and was very much to our liking.

Kevin has very good taste exhibited by the building products he chose and the appliances, cabinetry and lighting fixtures he selected. He is reliable and friendly. He helped us 'out-of-staters' by giving us contact names and numbers, directions to retail stores, and whatever other advice we requested.

In addition, he is both dependable and conscientious. Whenever we had to call him, we had an immediate response. He either promptly called us back or arrived at the house within the hour. With Kevin, you never have to worry about anything. He stands behind his product/homes/workmanship. In addition to all the above, Kevin is honest and trustworthy. When we were unable to be at the house when work was being done, we left the key with him and knew that we didn't have anything to worry about.

Our experience with Turnberry Homes and Kevin has been a pleasurable one and in the process of buying the 'home of our dreams', we have been lucky enough to make a new friend.

Thank You Very Much,

Joann and Jim Yorke
Berks County Custom Home - New Construction

Building a One-of-a-Kind

When Dan and I first met with Kevin from Turnberry Construction Group, we didn't have a set of house plans or even detailed ideas about what we wanted to build. We had a couple of ideas that we knew we wanted to incorporate into our "dream home", but there were certainly more details undecided than decided. Kevin was extremely patient during the design phase while we worked with him and his architect to develop custom plans that would fit our lifestyle perfectly. Not only did this approach allow us to build a completely unique home, but it also allowed us more flexibility than selecting a floor plan from a list of model homes. We feel that the end result was a "one-of-a-kind" home with a floor plan that works perfectly for our family.

The quality of the materials used in our home is excellent. Kevin's construction specifications exceed the standards used by many other builders. He holds his subcontractors accountable for a level of quality that is above and beyond typical expectations. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the craftsmanship in our home.

Kevin also recognizes environmental issues and incorporates green products into the construction process. For example, he uses low E glass windows and engineered floor joists (which are stronger than traditional timbers in addition to being "green".) We even had the ability to choose geothermal heating and cooling for our home, a choice not offered by typical builders.

Kevin was extremely "hands on" and we really liked being able to deal with him directly anytime we had a question. He was extremely responsive to all of our concerns, acting quickly and professionally to address any issues we may have had along the way. We definitely agree that his customer service skills are the best we have ever seen. I know it sounds very cliché, but he is absolutely a believer in the old adage "the customer is always right".

We had previously built a home with a much larger builder, and we had to choose all of our interior selections (flooring, lighting, etc.) in one day (which I found completely overwhelming) and our choices were limited to the selections the builder had in his showroom. With Kevin, we dealt directly with the companies that would be supplying the materials, which means our choices were virtually limitless, and we could focus on different selections on different days. This made the process much less overwhelming and we felt that we could take our time and really think about what we wanted, rather than selecting everything in a couple of hours. This also gave us the opportunity to deal directly with the experts in each area, for example, working with the kitchen experts to custom design a kitchen that would work perfectly for our family.

Kevin was extremely mindful of our budget and anytime we considered a choice that would cause us to deviate from our original contract price, he made certain that we knew what the overage would be prior to our finalizing the decision. He made certain that there were no financial surprises along the way.

Because we were building our "dream home" with Kevin, we had extremely high expectations concerning both the construction process and also the final product. Kevin not only met all of our expectations, he exceeded every single one of them!

Dan and Denise Siegle
Berks County Custom Home – New Construction

turnberry fan notes

Berks County Kitchen Renovation - Kenhorst, PA

This kitchen was completely gutted to make way for a fantastic remodel featuring granite countertops, cabinets by Creation Cabinetry, new stainless steel appliances by Whirlpool, new lighting with a pendant above the sink and under cabinet lighting. The electric was also upgraded with new outlets added in the kitchen for convenience and new appliances. Additionally, with the new layout the S family now has a silver line patio door replacing a twin window for access to the back yard.

"Such a wonderful transformation by Kevin Kozo and Turnberry Construction Group," wrote homeowner Laura S. She is looking forward to a big family Christmas breakfast in her new kitchen!

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